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WordPress customization is a unique WordPress service that is aimed at those WordPress owners who are not very fluent with web programming languages, and wish to upgrade their site to professional standards or add some new functionality in their site without tampering with the present ones. So if you wish to upgrade your WordPress themes and plugins to latest versions without compromising with their functionality, or wish to optimize your website to latest web standards, WordPress Customization is the service designed just for you.

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What exactly we do in wordpress customization
A Comprehensive Conversion Process

Ordering with us is a matter of few clicks and we take all the burden off your shoulders. We would like you to have a quick insider of the rigorous process your design files pass through before becoming a fully functional live website.


  • Analysis of client’s requirements

    Every website is made with a specific purpose in mind. Our first job is to find out what exactly the client wants through the WordPress website. We analyze all the required functionalities and evaluate the best way to put them in the website.

  • Analysis of Client’s WordPress Website and CSS

    This is the step in which we analyze the clients current website and find out the areas that require work. We specially scrutinize the current CSS and JavaScript framework as that are the areas that generate most number of plugin conflicts.

  • Upgrading WordPress and Theme Design

    This is the first major development step in which we upgrade the WordPress version to the latest stable version or to the one that is most optimally supported by clients website server.  We also fine tweak the CSS design to meet the client’s requirements and comply with latest CSS trends. As many old websites relied on JavaScript for many small features we also change the design to rely more on CSS3 than JS, but this is done as per client’s wishes.

  • Adding plugins and widgets

    The next step is to add additional functionalities in the website through plugins and widgets. This is also the step where we upgrade the plugins to latest standards of discard outdated plugins in favor of new ones, without compromising with functionality of course.

  • Load Speed Optimization

    After installing necessary plugins and checking for breakage, the site is optimized to get maximum load speed possible. Most of the time load speed optimization involves removing or upgrading JavaScript and CSS to latest standards and minimizing redundancies in the website. We also check all the images and optimize them to achieve best load speed while also performing their desired function.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization comes next. We optimize your site according to latest SEO trends so that all the search engines just love your website. This step is very important if you are looking to increase the view count of your website.

  • Systematic and Rigorous Testing

    After above steps the newly tweaked website is given to our testing department for rigorous and systematic testing. Only after the website goes through all the cycles of Unit testing, Function testing, Regression testing, and Live System testing, does the website is handed back to the client.

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