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April 15th, 2020

PSD to WordPress theme conversion is the first step to have a fully functional WordPress website for achieving proposed business and personal results. Sound technical knowledge and WordPress specialization would be needed to convert a PSD extension file into a functional WordPress template.With relevant experience and expertise, PSD to WordPress conversion can be done to create a striking website from Photoshop design. If you don’t have adequate knowledge of codes, or lack WordPress expertise, it’s suggested to hire the services of experts who can help you get the desired WordPress design. Before hiring a PSD to WordPress provider, you should consider the following aspects:

Browser & OS Support

Before hiring a PSD to WordPress provider, you should ask about the OS and browser support for the WordPress theme. It’s important to ask about browser and OS support as both these are vital aspects and will have a large impact on the fate of the WordPress theme. The theme must support the most widely used browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE and Opera Mini and Safari; more so, the WordPress theme must also fully support the popular OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu etc.

Widget Ready Theme

A PSD to WordPress service provider should offer widget ready theme to ensure customization freedom to the clients. Before hiring the provider, you must ask the question whether the offered WordPress theme is widget ready or not. If the WordPress theme is not widget ready, the clients won’t get the maximum out of the website. Only a widget ready theme can be customized further and thus, the providers must offer this facility.

Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility is one of the most important aspects to look for before hiring a PSD to WordPress provider. If a website is not tested for browser compatibility, it might not work properly on different browsers and won’t be as beneficial as it should be. Professional PSD to WordPress developers never lose   sight of this vital aspect, and ensure that the website is properly checked for browser compatibility issue. They often test the website for all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini to ensure its viability to the clients.


SEO is a very important part for a website, as an optimized site brings more rewards than non-optimized ones. There are some coding practices that help for SEO of a website. If an experienced PSD to WordPress coder employs some common SEO coding practices while doing the conversion, it makes easier for the website to get ranked quicker in the search engines. For example,

  1. Small file sizes for images
  2. Adding ALT attributes in img tags
  3. Adding title attribute in anchor tags

Turnaround Time

Before hiring a PSD to WordPress provider, it’s necessary to know the turnaround time to match with the feasibility of the project. Most of the providers offer a minimum period of turnaround time that ranges from 1 to 7 days. Most of the providers ask you to pay more if you want to get the job done quickly.  The order page of the providers can be checked to get an idea of the turnaround time.


For PSD to WordPress conversion, charges vary from provider to provider due to a range of factors. Many providers charge more for fast turnaround time; others make you pay more for using JavaScript. If additional options are selected, the overall project cost would remain comparatively higher. Thus, it is suggested to make a list of your needs and compare the charges of different providers to get the best deal possible for your PSD to WordPress conversion.

Money Return Policy

Before hiring a PSD to WordPress provider, you should check whether it has money return policy or not. In this competitive world, most of the providers offer guarantees in one way or other, and money return policy features among those promised guarantees. If the provider has this policy, you have to get a complete idea of its working mechanism. In many cases, the money return policy is used as a ploy to entice customers and in the end, nothing is returned despite repeated mails and calls to providers. The best you can do it to read the Terms & Conditions clause, or directly ask the provider for the same.

Payment Terms

In most of the cases, PSD to WordPress providers ask for total payment well in advance  to start the project; however, there are very few who don’t ask for 100% payment upfront before starting the project, and rather ask for payment on a gradual basis. In such cases, those few providers ask certain percentage of the total cost to start the project; they accept the complete payment once the project is finally delivered or about to be delivered. With a proper search, you can find service providers with some lenient payment terms to get the project completed on easy payment terms.

Payment Mode

Payment mode of a PSD to WordPress provider must be known to get the job done without any hassles. Payment mode varies, as providers are based in different parts of the globe. The payment mode of a provider in a country might vary with that of another one in a different country; therefore, it’s important to get a compete idea of the payment mode to avoid any inconvenience after the project completion. Clients must meet the preferred Payment Medium of the provider to allow the smooth completion and delivery of the project.

Post Delivery Support

Before hiring a PSD to WordPress provider, you should check the nature of post delivery support to ensure better productivity of the project. Most of the service providers offer a support period that ranges from 30 to 60 days. The nature of support varies from provider to provide; few provide 24×7 support, while many offer time-bound support, like 10-5 PM support, or 8 hours support etc. Post delivery support also depends on time zone, as many providers have a personalized technical support to meet your time zone.

Development Support

You have to look for development support before hiring the services of a PSD to WordPress provider. Development support is an important service as it enables clients to get features added while the project is still on the development stage. Most of the providers offer development support so that clients can convey any changes when the development is still in progress.

W3C Validation

Before hiring a PSD to WordPress provider, you have to look whether the provider ensures a W3C validated website or not. W3C validation is a very important parameter to look for, as it ensures that a fully functional website reaches to the end users. W3C validation ensures fast loading speed to a web page in different web browsers; a W3C validated website retains enhanced visibility, usability and accessibility in the different web browsers.

Demo Before Delivery

Many PSD to WordPress service providers offer the service of ‘Demo before delivery’ to ensure project completion as per the client’s specifications. With this service, you can easily assess whether the project is being worked upon as per the specifications or not. Generally, the providers show a demo of the eventually completed work to ensure adhering to the specified guidelines for better client satisfaction.

Theme Uploading on Server

Most of the PSD to WordPress providers offer the facility to upload the WordPress theme on the server. For this, you have to offer them domain name and hosting details. It’s quite easy to upload a website to server through an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. In this, a connection is established between a serve and computer by using a FTP application program to upload the website. The website then gets transferred to the server from where it becomes visible to all on the internet.

Offering Manual to manage the theme

It’s suggested to check whether the PSD to WordPress provider would offer the manual to manage the theme or not. Developers must offer an instruction manual or document with high quality WordPress theme for ease of the clients. The manual will explain how to install and upload the theme for convenience of the clients. More so, the manual will also inform about ways to manage the built-in options into the theme.

Easy to customize

Before hiring a PSD to WordPress provider, you should look for customization options in the theme to get the edge. WordPress themes offer the facility of customization, and you can tap into this unique customization option to get the best out of WordPress. If the provider offers the customization facility, it means you can further customize the WordPress theme for layout, colors and images to get the desired WordPress theme.

Version of WordPress

Before hiring a PSD to WordPress provider, it’s important to get a good idea about the WordPress version for theme creation. You should ask questions like:

●      Whether the latest version of WordPress is used or not for theme creation

●      If the older versions are used, then whether the provider will offer upgrade facility to the latest versions or not

Will the provider charge extra money to upgrade the created WordPress theme to the latest one?


PSD to WordPress conversion is a highly specialized job that needs sound technical knowledge and years of project experience. To get the best out of the PSD to WordPress conversion, one has to select only the best available provider only after checking their portfolio. You must check a range of parameters to hire a PSD to WordPress provider. In this article, we have offered a list of questions that you should ask before hiring the provider. Users are encouraged to list more questions that would help one get the best PSD to WordPress provider.

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