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6 Interesting Tips to build the subscriber base on your WordPress Blog

January 28th, 2022

Obviously a blogger who has put in considerable time and effort to create a blog would definitely want to increase his blog’s popularity. Though a blog may attract a lot of visitors but those who subscribe to it are considered valuable for they trust the blog and would be making regular visits. Here it is not implied that subscribers are more important than visitors for both play a significant role in the success of a blog. The point is that it is beneficial for a blog to have a good subscriber base as it adds to its value.

Why subscription is important?

Subscription allows the blogger to keep the readers informed about the latest addition to the blog and thus creates a means of establishing constant touch with them. A user gets the posts from the blog regularly if he/she has subscribed to the blog. It saves his/her effort of visiting the site to find the post. Thus subscription is useful both for bloggers as well as users.

Ways To Increase Subscribers to a WordPress Blog

  • Present more subscription options  : The most common subscription option is RSS Feed with which users are updated about the blog’s content. However as every reader is not interested in everything on a blog, it is better to provide them options to subscribe to a specific category or say a tag. It is quite easy to do this in a WordPress blog and helps in making the visitors to subscribe.Another subscription option is for comments. By providing this option, a WordPress Blogger can make those readers who are more interested in commenting, to subscribe to all comments or specific comments.As all users may not like feed or comment subscription, a blogger can offer them Email subscription whereby they will be receiving the updates through mail.

These are some of the subscription option which can be added to a WordPress blog to enhance its subscribers’ base.

  • Design: It is well accepted that both design and content matter a lot. A blog though primarily focused on content also requires an apt design to appeal to the users.  A dull design may diminish the value of the content. Therefore design must complement the content and present it in a user friendly way.  It should allow easy sharing of the content and make subscription options more visible to the readers.
  • Define your niche : This is another efficient way to attract readers to your WordPress Blog. By clearly defining the specialized area that the blog focuses on, one can differentiate it from others which in turn can pull the readers. If the users find that it offers something unique, there are great chances of them going for subscription.
  • Use Social Networking Icons but not in excess: No doubt Social Networking icons facilitate sharing and increase popularity of the blog but at the same time they may prevent a user from subscribing if lots of them are used. This can happen because of the distraction that presence of large number of these icons can cause.
  • Update your blog regularly: This is the most effective way to attract readers to make regular visits to your blog. If they observe that the blog offers fresh content they feel inclined to visit it and thus will opt for subscription to the blog. Updating the content regularly creates a favorable image among the readers.
  • Make offers: It is useful as users would like to subscribe if they get something extra. It is beneficial to offer a bonus, say an EBook or e-course for free to the readers on subscription. This can be done occasionally or as a general practice to attract them to subscribe to your blog.

The above mentioned ways can increase readers’ interest to subscribe to a WordPress blog. However it must be noted that these can be effective only if the blog offers meaningful content for the users.

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