wordpress tricks

How to create a secure WordPress blog?

Here we have discussed how you can secure your website through security techniques and plugins.

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10 Tips

10 tips to market e-commerce blogs

E-commerce blogs are the best platform where a product can create buzz around the customers. This article has discussed ten tips to market e-commerce blogs.

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Worth Watching Top 20 How to Videos for WordPress

WordPress is the most used and easiest PHP-based Content Management System on this earth. Still the beginners, intermediate like me or experts need...

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Questions to Ask – PSD to WP Provider

PSD to WordPress theme conversion is the first step to have a fully functional WordPress website for achieving proposed business and personal results....

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WordPress Theme Development

Simplified Microformats for Your WordPress Website

Microformats are a set of open data and standardized formats designed for human readers and robots. says, “Microformats are design principles of...

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Content Accessibility Guidelines (WACG 2.0) in WordPress

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WACG) is not a new thing for us still let me reiterate its definition here to start the article...

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