The Beginner’s guide to WordPress

There are more than 70 million WordPress websites that are live on the World Wide Web. These websites collectively register 11.8 billion pages...

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WordPress Pre-Launch Checklist

The Ultimate WordPress Pre-Launch Checklist

A comprehensive list of necessary checks for wordpress based websites before the official launch. To enjoy latest Web standards benefits in the field...

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Wordpress Hosting providers

WordPress Hosting: Which is the Best WordPress Host?

Choosing a high quality and most reliable hosting for your site is extremely important. Selection of right host and package can improve your...

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WordPress security vulnerabilities? Tips and plugins to remain safe from Hackers

WordPress is one of the most preferred Content Management System amongst website designers and developers. It offers many fascinating features that makes it...

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Wordpress with PHP

7 Ways How WordPress Has Made PHP More Popular

In the classic case of a child paying back to its parent, WordPress is actually helping PHP grow.A platform developed by the open...

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How to Find the Perfect Web Hosting Company for WordPress

There are many hosts that are great for WordPress. The good thing about this CMS is that it’s light, easy to install and...

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