Making Images Load Faster On WordPress

It’s widely understood in the WordPress community that including images on your posts and pages increases their attractiveness to users.

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Blogging for Ecommerce: It’s Not All about Selling

Blogging is a popular activity for many different businesses and organizations. However, not all companies are good at posting interesting and engaging blog...

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How to Customize the WordPress Admin Login Screen

In my previous post I talked about customizing the WordPress Admin Dashboard. Now I am going to teach you how to change everything...

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Wordpress Gzip Optimization

Optimizing Gzip for your WordPress installation

Have you ever read about Gzip compression? It is a wonderful way to speed up your WordPress site.

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Move To Wordpress

Benefits of moving to wordpress from any other cms

Has managing your website become more trouble than it’s worth? Perhaps your CMS is no longer the right choice for you.

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The Secret to Speeding up Your WordPress Site

Is your wordpress website taking more than 7.25 seconds to load? Don’t be the next website that will get penalized by Google due...

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