WordPress Theme Frameworks – An Exhaustive Guide for Starters

WordPress is a free and awesome open source content management system with a special focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability to help...

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Tips And Tricks To Customize Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Now that you are WordPress owner for some time, are you tired of that same old administration dashboard? Or are you thinking about...

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Wordpress Post Coding

How to display code in a wordpress blog post: 2 recommended methods

Since the inception of WordPress and HTML itself, one problem that every programmer cum blogger has faced, is how to display code in...

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PSD to WordPress Conversion

A beginners guide to convert PSD to WordPress using a Child theme

Most general all-purpose WordPress themes created today have many similar features, like a search box, comments, dropdown menus, etc., with the only difference...

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WordPress Folder Structure

Whats inside WordPress: A look into its folder structure

WordPress is renowned throughout the world for being highly user friendly and easy to learn. It has a feature rich dashboard from where...

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How to Create A Custom WordPress Theme : A Guide

Installing a prebuilt WordPress theme, configuring it, customizing it according to your needs, and integrating additional functionalities to it, are simple processes and...

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