Text Wrapping

Effective displays or layouts from text and word wrapping

Wrapping properties when not included make designs overflow out of the view window. Checkout this article to know more about text wrapping properties of CSS3.

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WordPress For Android

WordPress for Android: Blogging Redefined

WordPress has launched new app for the Android devices.Now update your posts, manage comments, and create new posts right from your android phone itself.

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WordPress Multilanguage

WordPress Multilanguage features for your website

WordPress Multilanguage is a plug-in of WordPress which is used to translate the language of a website in many languages. Content in multi...

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WordPress SiteMap

Why sitemap is important for a WordPress website?

Sitemap is a webpage containing organized listing of all the pages of your website. Know why creating a sitemap is important for your website.

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Wordpress Blogging

WordPress: Still Ruling the Blogging Platform

Read this post to know why WordPress is the best CMS and why you should use it for your blog or website.

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Creating slideshows in WordPress blogs with slidedeck

Slidedeck is an exquisite application for preparing WordPress based slideshows and multimedia. Read a detailed review on Slidedeck plugin for WordPress in this post.

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