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WordPress Backup Tools

The 5 Most Trustworthy Backup Tools for WordPress

This is where WordPress Backup Tools come in handy. They make a backup of the whole WordPress site, and keep you safe from any data loss.

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Affiliate Marketing Plugins

Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress: Automate your Online Earning

This article helps you identify some great affiliate plugins for WordPress which you can use.

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WordPress Dictionary Plugins

Top 10 WordPress Dictionary Plugins you can use

Top 10 dictionary plugins to add dictionary functionality in your WordPress website.

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WordPress eCommerce Plugins

Can Plugins of WP really take eCommerce to the next level?

For the uninitiated, the eCommerce Plugins by WordPress are all pretty light and are quite appropriate for anyone starting up an online business.

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best wordpress plugin

How To Install A WordPress Plugin

Plugins are like the sub modules of WordPress application that enhances its functionality. Know how to install a plugin in WordPress CMS.

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top 10

Top 10 admin extensions for WordPress

WordPress is a famous and popular content management system. For a wordpress website enhancing the site administration

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