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Top 10 admin extensions for WordPress

WordPress is a famous and popular content management system. For a wordpress website enhancing the site administration

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WordPress Google Plugins

Enhance your WordPress blog with Top Google Plugins

Google has created many plugins create specifically for wordpress websites. Checkout this post know top Google plugins that are available on the internet.

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10 popular jQuery plugins for WordPress

JQuery plugins can be used to design and develop the site and add features. Here are 10 Popular jQuery plugin to add new features in your WordPress website.

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Social Media Plugins

15 Social Media Plugins – WordPress 3.2.1

Social promotion is quite necessary to fetch the visitors’ attention and gain better search engine rankings. Here are 35 social plugins that you can use for WordPress.

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Wordpress Plugin Instalation

Four Must Have WordPress Plugins and Their Installation

This article will make you familiar with 4 plugins Which are necessary for your site, with video tutorial.

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Adding Shareaholic SexyBookmarks to your Website

If you add all of social sharing buttons and scripts for Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, LinkedIn share to your website then Website will load slowly ever than you imagine. Wanted to save your Website from being slow and add all the social media sharing options within 5 minutes then go for Shareaholic SexyBookmarks.

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