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HTML5 and Microformat

HTML5 and Microformat – How to Make the Most of them

Coding has been treated as a creative domain but thanks to the introduction of Microformat, this story is certainly going to change.

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Mobile Website Design Tips

Professional Tips for Mobile Website Design

Do-it-yourself mobile website design is possible considering the abundance of easy-to-access resources including books, video tutorials, and step-by-step instructions. It must be said,...

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go mobile

Go Mobile – Top Mobile Website Builders exclusively for you

The whole world is going mobile and as an increasing number of people are using mobile phones to stay connected to the web,...

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Native Applications are still essential for Mobiles

Native Applications are still essential for Mobiles

Mobile communications and commerce is happening at a breakneck speed. Nowadays, many more people are utilizing their mobiles for payments, transactions, messaging and...

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internet explorer 10

How to Make Internet Explorer 10 Compatible Websites

There are lots of things that you need to work on to make your website completely compatible with Internet Explorer 10.Given below are the best ways that will empower you to build flawlessly compatible websites for IE 10.

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WordPress Color Scheme

Selecting a Color Scheme for Your WordPress Theme

Know about the best colors that suit your taste and makes your website design more appealing, including both type, primary and secondary colors.

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