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Crashalytics Vs. Testflight: A battle between mobile analytics tools [Infographic]

February 19th, 2020

There are more than 5 billion mobile phones available in the world. Out of them more than 1 billion are smartphones and more


are switching to smart phone versions. That means that there is a huge market for mobile based applications, even larger than computer based, and the market is just getting bigger and bigger. Therefore to secure a dedicated customer base early in the game, its best to improve the quality of your mobile applications, and the best way to create a quality mobile app to is to test it in every way possible and keep informative records of application crashes. Crashalytics and Testflight are two such tools that you can use to test you mobile applications and track the problems in you app.

Both these tools are equally good in mobile application analytics and testing, and thus share an intense rivalry in the mobile app segment. Crashalytics is a very efficient, powerful and light weight crash tracking tool, whereas Testflight is a robust application analytics tool. They have some similar features but many of them are unique to the tools.

Their intense rivalry is visible in the Twitter profile of these two tools. Crashalytics has been active on twitter much longer than Testflight, nearly five times longer than Testflight, but even then crashalytics has not been able to fully crush the Testflight software. Check out the infographic below to find out more differences between the popularity of these two mobile integration testing tools, and how that is effecting the business growth of these tools


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