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Enhance your WordPress blog with Top Google Plugins

April 15th, 2020

If blogging is your passion and WordPress is your blogging platform, then there cannot be a better place to put your imaginations and creativity together using the magical power of WordPress plugins. It gives you a scope to embellish your blog vividly by extending its functionalities. But with the installation of new “Google” plugins in your WordPress blog you can boost its visibility and productivity instantly. It will not only enable you to track the number of visitors in your blog, but will also optimize your blog by driving real traffic with its exotic functions.  It will also empower you to embed Google Adsense, RSS feeds and even Map out Directions into your blog, among other uses.

Let us discuss some of the topnotch ‘Google plugins’ designed for WordPress users, to elevate their blogging experience.

  • Google Analyticator: Google Analyticator is a tool that automatically tracks the number of visitors to your blog by adding Google Analytics tracking code to the pages of your blog. This program allows the blog administrator to view visitor’s information from the last 30 days without directly logging into the Google Analytic account. Thus, it is a real time saver for “visitor obsessed” webmasters. It also tracks all the outgoing links from within the post, comment, author links, blog roll links and downloads.
  • Google Search Plugin: Google Custom Search plugin is a drop in replacement and is easy to operate. It replaces all the default WordPress search and adds a new search page on your blog making it SEO friendly.  It also adds to the advantage of making money online by clicking on Google ads in the search results. On the other hand, Google AJAX Search allows adding AJAX Search to your site that allows for the option of having Blog Search or Web Search with another option for a secondary URL search.
  • Google AJAX Translation: Being online means that the people around the world can visit your website/blog.  But people from all corners of the world might not be fluent in reading the language that you have chosen to present your thoughts. Hence, Google AJAX Translation plugin allows your blog to be translated into a variety of languages of the world. Now, the visitors to your site can read posts and even comment in 52 languages of the world.
  • Google Page Rank Tool: Once known as SlaptiGooglePR, this tool adds Google page rank to the pages of your blog.  Found in the “Manage pages” and “Manage posts” sections of your admin panel, it reads out a graphical statistic of all page ranks, graphical page rank history of URLs, sends you updates through email about any page rank changes.
  • Google Sitemap Plugins / Google XML Sitemaps: Google XML Sitemaps plugin automatically creates   the sitemap of your site and dynamically updates it whenever any addition or alteration is done to your blog. However, the user can choose the “Frequency” of updates for each post, such as daily, weekly, monthly, which tells Google Bots as when to revisit that part of the user’s site.  The plugin is easy to use and highly as it meets all the major requirements for properly formatted XML and Sitemap outputs. Every time any new post is created, search engines are notified of the new content, so that it can rate your site for a better result.
  • Google Maps:  Google Maps plugin, MapPress allows you to add a Google map to your posts for a better explanation of some directions or place to the readers. It is a simple to use plugin, where you just need to enter in the location information from the plugin’s screens which are user friendly and you get the Google Maps with full previews right. Once completed each map will have full displayand click- interactivity to help add new dynamic interactivity to your pages and posts.
  • Google 404 WordPress Plugin: This is one of the best plugin options for WordPress, if typed wrong in the search result, rather than simply displaying a “404 Page Not Found” error, the program uses Ajax and a few database tricks to display “possible matches” for user’s mistyped searches. It is simple to embed and provide users with useful information designed to help them find the information they need.
  • Advertising Manager:  The Advertisement Management plugin allows you to add advertisements to your blog directly from the backend, without taking the pain of adding Google ad code manually.
  • Google Calendar Widget: While WordPress comes with a calendar widget, Google Calendar Widget is a sidebar widget that can be configured with a URL of the calendar feed, a title, and the number of agenda items to show.
  • Google Doc Embedder:  This is a unique tool that helps you in inserting different files and documents, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, and Tiff Images.  However, the reader must have programs like, Adobe Reader, PowerPoint and other programs installed in his system so that he/she can read those embedded files actively.
  • Use Google Libraries: Google’s AJAX Libraries API has a number of JavaScript libraries that WordPress can host. Installation of this plugin can reduce the load on your server, by allowing visitors to use the files cached on their computer via Google, rather than use files from your WordPress. It also uses compressed versions for faster loading.


The number of WordPress Plugins is increasing day by day, and Goggle is also not lagging behind in introducing new add-ons for various platforms. Thus, it is always good to keep yourself abreast of these new offerings and infuse excitements to your blog/ website, so that readers spend much time reading your blogs.

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