Harmful SEO practices for your WordPress website

January 28th, 2022

Every website always looks for practices than can help in SEO and give better rankings. Your WordPress website can achieve higher Google rankings and improved visibility if it uses viable SEO practices. If bad practices are used either intentionally or accidentally, it can have adverse impact on the fate of website. This article would discuss harmful practices for your WordPress website.


Cloaking is a practice which is used to disguise search engines for dubious benefits. In this practice, certain designing aspects are modified and kept separate for Google and viewers for benefits. It means, at the same time, visitors would get an entirely different site than the search engines. This step can drastically lower the rankings of your website.

Copy content from own web pages

Copying content from own web pages is another practice which often lowers the rankings of your WordPress website. if number of pages are in hundreds, even then, copying content from some pages and to paste them in others can severely impact the rankings of your website. For better rankings, it’s advised not to copy; rather, write and paste fresh and original content in each and every web page.

Content duplication

Content duplication is a bad SEO practice which can easily lower the rankings of a WordPress website. If content is copied from other website and pasted as it is, this can affect the rankings to a great extent. Many sites are involved in such a bad practice and often face consequences. Spamming sites are one such example which get banned or receive very lower rankings from Google.

Automated content creation

Automated content creation has to be another bad ploy that can severely impact the rankings of your WordPress website. A range of software programs are available for automated content creation, but with hardly any success. Despite bringing minor changes, such programs are convincingly caught by search engines to negatively impact the rankings of your WordPress website. So always get the content written by human being, not machine.

Keyword malpractices

Many keyword malpractices are deliberately used by webmasters to achieve higher rankings for their WordPress website. Inserting irrelevant keywords, making repetitive keywords and copying some popular keywords fall under the category of keyword malpractices. Using any of the practices can severely impact the ranking prospects of a website, and might lower the rankings at the same time. So it’s suggested to never fiddle with keywords to impact rankings and visibility of the website.

Text jugglery

Text jugglery is another bad practice which can see your WordPress website with lower rankings. In this form of jugglery, the color of texts, especially of keywords, are kept similar to that of the background to deceive the search engine. This practice ensures that rankings gradually go down and website loses the visibility. Any dubious practice with the texts and keywords won’t benefit your website’s rankings ever.

Malware sharing

Malware sharing is another bad ploy than can lower the rankings of a website sooner or later. If a site is found to be involved in the practice of distributing harmful malwares like viruses etc, its SEO would impact negatively. No search engine would allow such a harmful website to flourish and hence, the rankings are bound to suffer. After all, search engines are duty-bound to care for more websites than just one.


Good practices are encouraged so that your WordPress website easily gets higher rankings and enhanced visibility. Whatever practices used for rankings must never trouble either visitors or search engines. This article has listed some harmful SEO practices for your WordPress website, and invites users to add more to the list.

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