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Selecting a Color Scheme for Your WordPress Theme

April 16th, 2020

Making WordPress theme designs in Photoshop or any other image format is a creative task, as you need to put in a lot of effort in giving it a unique feel and add elegance to it, so it can attract a great number of people on your website, after it’s made into a complete WordPress template or theme. And graphics always play a crucial role in making it appealing, but colors are no different as they are the one, that have the power to transform any ordinary graphics into extraordinary. In any theme or web design, colors work as the main aspect, and they can either attract or distract your visitors if used unevenly. Therefore, you must be careful while selecting a color scheme for your WordPress theme designs.

While selecting your colors, you can play with them as much as you want as it doesn’t cost a single penny. However, it’s a bit time consuming, but more importantly you will get to know the best colors that suit your taste and makes your website design more appealing. If colors are selected wisely, they can invoke people’s emotions and make them perform the actions you want, on your website.

So, let’s start with the primary colors and then we move on to the secondary colors.

The Primary Colors

Red: This color is associated with Fire, Aggression and Combat; hence, we can call it an extremely warm color indeed. However, it is also associated with Love and Fervor, which makes it a perfect choice to portray passion or power. If used wisely in a web design, it can have an awe-inspiring effect on your audience. The Dark Red can work as a brain stimulant and can increase the excitement level. But, the bright red portrays determination and passion.

Blue: The color ‘Blue’ portrays Imagination, Serenity and Responsibility. The Light Blue also represents the color of Sky, and we often call it as ‘Sky Blue’, which looks refreshing and friendly, whereas, the Dark Blue appears to be more strong and steadfast. While using in designs, you have to be precise in selecting the shades and the hues to have a comforting effect on your audience, but if you want your website to stand out from others and have a greater impact on your web visitors, you can always go with the dark shade of Blue.

Yellow: This is the brightest and most energizing color amongst all the colors including the secondary ones. It is often linked with the Sunshine, Hope and Courage. It is also called as the color of Joy. You can use Dark Yellow or the Golden yellow in your designs if you wish to make it look antique, in case you like to showcase solidity. The bright yellow can be used where you want to display bliss and exuberance, whereas, the light yellow will represent an unruffled feeling of enjoyment.

The Secondary Color

Green: When you mix the color ‘Yellow’ with ‘Blue’ you get the color ‘Green’, which is a symbol of prosperity, and signifies the beginning, abundance, harmony and growth. It has many attributes that resemble the Blue color, and it also integrates well with the energy of yellow. For designing websites that represents wealth, renewal, nature and stability, Green can prove to be an ideal choice. The bright green would look more vibrant and energizing, while dark green will be more like representing the nature, stability and prosperity. This color can have a harmonizing effect on your customers.

Orange: It is one of the most happening colors in the entire color wheel. It comes out by blending red and yellow. It looks vibrant and energetic, and is also associated with a fruit carrying the same name. It is often linked to autumn, and also represents change as well. If you use it in your design, it can work as an attention grabber, and would look more sociable and engaging.

Purple: This color is associated with mysticism, imagination, creativity and royalty. It’s a combination of the color red and blue. The lighter purple is often considered to be symbolizing the romantic side of a person, and the dark purple signifies the affluence and royal families. The light purple looks softer and denotes the spring and amour. And, the dark purple symbolizes wealth and lavishness.

If you go with the colors’ significance, you will always end up selecting the appropriate colors for your web design, which will entice your web visitors.

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