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The 5 Most Trustworthy Backup Tools for WordPress

April 16th, 2020

WordPress is one of the most trusted and widely used open source content management systems software for making business websites and informative blogs as it is very easy to configure and use. In fact, it is so simple that even a novice can tweak it according to his/her needs, and launch the website within a short time frame.

But people often forget that their work after launching a website is not finished, and they must take a proper backup of the entire database, which includes the published and unpublished content, and other files, directories and settings. And, once their website gets attacked by hackers or infected by viruses like Trojan Horse.exe and SQL Injection, they find it hard to re-setup the entire site. This is where WordPress Backup Tools come in handy. They make a backup of the whole WordPress site, and keep you safe from any data loss.

So, let’s talk about the 5 most trustworthy backup tools for WordPress, which would guard you from hackers and virus attacks in future. Additionally, you will also see the number of downloads per plugin, which ensures that the tools mentioned below never fail.

BackWPup:- It is one of the most powerful backup plugin. In fact, the downloaded numbers speak for itself about how many people trust BackWPup when it comes to securing their data for future. It not only takes the backup, but also checks/repairs database, optimizes it, and can store it wherever you want, like Folder, FTP server, Google Drive, RackSpace Cloud, Dropbox, etc.

Total number of downloads — 388,929 and counting

BackUpWordPress:- This plugin also made it to the list, and ranks no. 2, just below the ‘BackWPup’. It is also an amazing backup tool, and takes care of the entire site including the data and inner files at your will and your time. In addition to this, it also uses low memory, as it runs on a “shared hosting” environment.

Total number of downloads — 385,746 and counting

ManageWP Worker:- Though this plugin ranks at number three in our list, but it is an incredible plugin developed by ‘Freediver’, as it makes you capable enough to manage multiple WordPress websites from one backend panel. This plugin not only helps you to keep your data secure, but also lets you upgrade your WordPress, Themes and the used Plugins in one go.

Total number of downloads — 277,920 and counting

WordPress Backup to Dropbox: -As the name suggests, this tool takes the backup of your WordPress based website or blog, and stores the data in your Dropbox account. What you need to do is to only ensure that this plugin works smoothly and takes care of your database. Activate and configure it according to your requirements and authorize it with your Dropbox.

Total number of downloads — 233,817 and counting

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