Top 10 admin extensions for WordPress

September 21st, 2023

WordPress is a famous and popular content management system. For a wordpress website enhancing the site administration is as important as other functions. Numerous plugins and extensions are available for an admin page for wordpress site. In this article, we would discuss top 10 admin extensions for wordpress.

Gallery and caption

Compatible up to 3.2.1

The extension allows the gallery and caption features to get upgraded for a wordpress site. In the extension installation needs no flash while PHP 5 is essential. Also provides a HTML editor button and admin page for configuring various pages.  Allows dynamic styling and animations to take effect with a small cluster of images into a gallery rather than a large gallery altogether.

Preview of  Gallery and Caption extension

Preview of  Gallery and Caption extension

Clean Admin UI

Compatible up to 3.2.1

The plugin and extension for a wordpress site is for hiding the admin menu options like the posts, comments and users etc. Many times the function has been able to support the hiding function quickly and works well with wordpress as it is a clean plugin.

Preview of  Clean Admin UI extension

Preview of  Clean Admin UI extension

Sexy Bookmarks

Compatible up to 3.2.1

The tool and plugin extension for wordpress is a highly successful and effective one. This extension helps in submitting articles to various social bookmarking sites. Easily shares twitter and facebook, slow page loading is corrected and has support for google URL shortener. A fairly versatile and important plugin for all wordpress sites.

Preview of   SexyBookmarks extension

Preview of   SexyBookmarks extension

Google adsense and hotel booking

Compatible up to 3.2.1

The extension for ads and hotel booking is a free plugin only for the hotel reservation and booking services online. One can insert the adsense ads and hotel reservation ads easily. It has provided a full control over the ads with color, size, number and ad types. Varied features like friendly and intuitive interface, number of ads, control and automatic insertions are available. This plugin is a simple, efficient tool and extension.

Preview of   Google adsense and hotel booking  extension

Preview of   Google adsense and hotel booking  extension

Fluency Admin

Compatible up to 3.2.1

Fluency admin is an extension and plugin for wordpress that provides a well assessed interface and cool add on with numerous features. These include stylish colors, sub menus, color schemes and logos with a feature for a complete rebuild.

Preview of Fluency Admin extension

Preview of Fluency Admin extension

Admin flush W3T Ccache

Compatible up to 3.2.1

The extension and plugin for wordpress is a functionality where the empty all caches is added to admin page. Utilizing this plugin clears all cache and returns user to current page. It does not require any performance options and uses the W3 total cache plugin for its function.

Preview of Admin flush W3TC cache extension

Preview of Admin flush W3TC cache extension

Custom Admin Bar

Compatible up to 3.2.1

This is an easy and highly integrative extension for wordpress. It creates a unique accessible drag and drop ordering for the drop down menu links for users. The plugin has various features like drop down links, re order, linking to anything and adds permalink awareness. This is a convenient and important plugin for site.

Preview of Custom Admin Bar  extension

Preview of Custom Admin Bar  extension

WP htaccess control

Compatible up to 3.2.1

The plugin and extension allows for integrating a wordpress site with customizable permalinks. Includes features such as customizing htaccess file, search permalink base, maintenance mode and also author or tag archives. It is an important and necessary plugin for customizing both permalink and htaccess file of wordpress.

Preview of  WP htaccess control  extension

Preview of  WP htaccess control  extension

One click close comments

Compatible up to 3.2.1

From the extension comments both open and closed can be easily updated from a single click. Utilizes an Ajax powered color coded indicator which provides an instant feedback on status of posts from comments. It does not require page reload and uses javascript.

Preview of   One click close comments  extension

Preview of   One click close comments  extension


Compatible up to 3.2.1

The plugin and extension adds an ideal platform for the hosting of a podcast. The various features of the plugin are not limited to automatic feed generation, support for various formats, premium content and also control over the player. The plugin is compatible with only two languages english and german.

Preview of   podPress extension

Preview of   podPress extension


For a wordpress site the extensions and plugins for admin are aplenty. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 admin extensions for wordpress. Readers are invited to submit their comments and views.

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