Top 10 WordPress Dictionary Plugins you can use

September 19th, 2023

While reading blogs, company news, and other sorts of information on websites, people often come across with certain words, which they have never heard or used before, and then they try to find and understand the meaning of those typical words in a Dictionary.

Dictionary is a wonderful invention of mankind. It was back in year 1604, when Robert Cawdrey created the world’s first ever English language dictionary. And, today, with this post, we are sharing you the best and top 10 WordPress Dictionary Plugins.

  • Dictionary Box :- It’s a must use plugin, if you really want to provide a good dictionary to your readers so that they don’t move on to another website just because you use some typical words in your blogs and website content. Additionally, it is one of the easiest dictionary plugins you’ll ever find to set up on your site, as it only take 2-5 minutes only.

    You can download and activate it from the Plugins directory accessible from the dashboard. However, as far as its settings are concerned, you will find it listed under the settings tab in the admin menu.

Preview of Dictionary Box

  • Click2Refer Virtual Dictionary:- Believe it or not, you are just a double click away from the exact meaning of any word if you use this exceptional plugin on your website or blog. In fact, it will definitely help you to keep your readers engaged on your website and enjoying reading your posts.

    It is also amongst easy to install and use plugins, and can be downloaded and activated within seconds from the WordPress plugins inventory. Once, installed, you can modify its settings, and you’ll find it under the settings tab in the admin menu.

Preview of Click2Refer

  • Double Click Dictionary Look-up :- It is an awesome plugin to use for dictionary purpose, as you need not to do anything except downloading and installing it either manually or from the WordPress plugins inventory. It works exactly the same way as its name suggests. Once you activate this plugin, you can test it manually by double clicking any word in your post or page. As soon as you’ll double click any word, a question mark will pop up just above the word selected. You just need to click that question mark to get to know the meaning of that particular word. And, to make people understand easily, it takes you to one of the most credible online dictionary the world has witnessed till now i.e., Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Double Cick Dictionary
Preview of Double Click Dictionary

  • Encyclopedia Pro:- It’s a fantastic dictionary plugin to use on your WordPress based website. It comes in two different versions, which include the Encyclopedia Lite and Encyclopedia Pro, which have been developed by Dennis Hoppe. With Encyclopedia Pro, you can create Knowledge base, Dictionary, Glossary, Lexicon and Wiki. The Lite Version will provide you with a brief overview of what you can get with the Pro version, as on many of its options provided under the settings tab you’ll find a notice informing you that this feature is available in the Pro version.

    Encyclopedia Pro

    However, before buying it, you can always try your hands on Encyclopedia Lite, and set five different terms for your blog post, which are then displayed on your website’s sidebar.

    In order to do all this, you need to install it either from the official website of Dennis Hoppe, or from the WordPress Plugins directory. After installing it, you will see an option named ‘Lexicon’ in the admin menu, where from you can add or create a new term defining its meaning. The entire process is like creating/adding a new page/post from the admin menu.

    And, once you buy the Pro version, install it similarly and if you want to make changes, go to the settings tab and select the option ‘Encyclopedia’, and make the required changes. For your help and to tell you how it really works, we have also attached the snapshots using the Lite version.

Preview of Encyclopedia Pro

  • WP Glossary:- A unique plugin for glossary or dictionary lovers, and who want their readers to stay on their website even if they come across various typical words in any of the posts of pages. With this plugin, you can add innumerable glossaries to your website/blog, and link them with the same words used in the content via short code i.e. [glossary] write your word here [/glossary]. It’s already been downloaded 4,146 times till now, and is compatible with WordPress v3.5, which is yet to come.

    Moreover, you can also provide a link as a reference taken from, from the WordPress dashboard itself.

WP Glossary
Preview of WP Glossary

  • SIL Dictionary:- This is a great dictionary plugin for people who have their own dictionary. With this plugin, you can present your readers with your own dictionary in just a few simple steps. After installing this plugin from the plugin inventory, what all you need to do is; import your dictionary saved in an XHTML file format along with the CSS file (if any) using the import button under the Tools tab of the Admin Menu.

    However, if you don’t have the dictionary in an XHTML format, then you can always use free online file converter with which you can convert any file format into HTML or XHTML format. For example; from , you can convert a PDF file into HTML and from , HTML to XHTML.

Sil Dictionary
Preview of SIL Dictionary

  • Lexicographer:- Another wonderful dictionary plugin, which lets you make a well organized dictionary on your website. Moreover, it is one of the simplest dictionary plugin you will ever find, as you just need to place two codes for a particular word in an HTML version of your post or page. Those two codes are;

<p>{{Lexicographer index}}</p>
<span class=”leema”>write your term here</span>

             Once you write these two codes for a specific word, it will turn into a hyperlink, which if clicked, will take the user to the page having                       its actual meaning written.


Preview of Lexicographer

Note:- Though this plugin hasn’t been updated for a while, but we have manually tested it on WordPress v3.4.2, and it works perfectly.

  • Explanatory Dictionary:- It is an amazing plugin, which can be used as a glossary as well as dictionary. This plugin can be used if your posts contain some typical words, sentences or words expressions, which needs to be explained for better understanding of the content. Once activated and used wisely, it will help readers explaining those typical words via tooltips.

Explanatory Dictionary
Preview of Explanatory Dictionary

  • WordPress Dictionary Plugin:- Now this is a premium WordPress plugin, which makes it quick and easy to setup a dictionary for your readers on your website. It hardly takes 2 minutes to set up the entire plugin, and then you can begin adding your entries. With this plugin, you can keep yourself relaxed, as you neither need to try your hands at coding, and nor you need to worry about every detail of the dictionary, as it the plugin takes care of everything automatically.

    The best part about this plugin is that it ensures automatic in-post linking, which means the dictionary entries will get linked with each of your content without any extra effort from your side.

WordPress Dictionary Plugin
Preview of WordPress Dictionary Plugin

  • WebDex:- It is a Romanian Language dictionary, which can be placed in the sidebar as a widget. For people having blogs or websites in the Roman Language, it is a perfect dictionary plugin to use. However, as there are various web applications that are available for translation, one can implement it on English language based site as well.

    What all you need to install this amazing plugin, is either visit the Webdex’s official site, and copy its code from the widget section and embed it on your site or else you can download it directly from the WordPress plugins directory, and then install it and place it on the sidebar via Appearance >> Widget.

WebDex plugin
Preview of WebDex

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