How to Reset WordPress Site Completely?

As a WordPress site owner, you may run into a situation where you want to wipe the slate clean and start over from...

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Google Web Stories for WordPress – How to Create Them?

What do Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp Status Updates have in common? They’re all so-called social media implementations of the popular tap-through...

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Beginner’s Guide to Creating Redirects in WordPress

Setting up redirects can be a regular task if you run a WordPress site. Particularly when you’re redesigning your website or making revisions...

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5 Best Free WordPress Directory Plugins to Jumpstart Your Business

Are you planning to integrate a business directory into your WordPress site? This might be a brilliant idea that you can turn into...

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How to Convert Your WordPress Site into a Progressive Web App?

With over half of web traffic worldwide coming from mobile devices, delivering a mobile-first experience to users has become more critical than ever....

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Combating WordPress Spam Comments Without Any Plugin

Many people think that WordPress does not have inbuilt security or has fewer inbuilt security features to combat spam comments. Their assumption about...

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