Google Web Stories for WordPress

Google Web Stories for WordPress – How to Create Them?

What do Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp Status Updates have in common? They’re all so-called social media implementations of the popular tap-through...

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Combat WordPress Comment Spam

Combating WordPress Spam Comments Without Any Plugin

Many people think that WordPress does not have inbuilt security or has fewer inbuilt security features to combat spam comments. Their assumption about...

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WordPress Custom Post Types

WordPress Custom Post Types: What Are They & How to Create Them?

Useful insights on WordPress custom post type and how it can be created with the help of the free plugins.

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WordPress Maintenance Checklist

WordPress Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Site Up-to-date and Safe

A WordPress Maintenance Checklist including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance tips.

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WP Image Optimization

How to Optimize Images for Your WordPress Website

Learn to optimize Alt Text, Image File Name, Image Format, Image File Size, and Caption for an image on a WordPress site!

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Wordpress Hosting providers

WordPress Hosting: Which is the Best WordPress Host?

Choosing a high quality and most reliable hosting for your site is extremely important. Selection of right host and package can improve your...

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