Making Images Load Faster On WordPress

It’s widely understood in the WordPress community that including images on your posts and pages increases their attractiveness to users.

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How to Customize the WordPress Admin Login Screen

In my previous post I talked about customizing the WordPress Admin Dashboard. Now I am going to teach you how to change everything...

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Tips And Tricks To Customize Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Now that you are WordPress owner for some time, are you tired of that same old administration dashboard? Or are you thinking about...

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Wordpress Post Coding

How to display code in a wordpress blog post: 2 recommended methods

Since the inception of WordPress and HTML itself, one problem that every programmer cum blogger has faced, is how to display code in...

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WordPress Folder Structure

Whats inside WordPress: A look into its folder structure

WordPress is renowned throughout the world for being highly user friendly and easy to learn. It has a feature rich dashboard from where...

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Get rid of comments in your WordPress site: Some tips and hacks

As developers of WordPress in a challenging online market, we are constantly asked by our clients for an easy way to moderate comments....

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