Are Object oriented Programming Concepts used in WordPress?

Nearly everyone, having basic technical knowledge about web development and design knows about HTML, PHP, and JavaScript and their role in WordPress. However...

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WordPress SiteMap

Why sitemap is important for a WordPress website?

Sitemap is a webpage containing organized listing of all the pages of your website. Know why creating a sitemap is important for your website.

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WordPress Theme Development

Simplified Microformats for Your WordPress Website

Microformats are a set of open data and standardized formats designed for human readers and robots. says, “Microformats are design principles of...

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Content Accessibility Guidelines (WACG 2.0) in WordPress

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WACG) is not a new thing for us still let me reiterate its definition here to start the article...

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Wordpress Bloggging

Important Considerations While Naming a Blog

Planning to launch a blog? Here are few important things that you should keep in mind to choose an impactful name for your blog to be successful.

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WordPress Blogging Tips

9 Modern Ways to Spread Your Blog

Here is the modern and genuine ways to spread your blog easily and get ample amount of chances to fetch public attention with less efforts.

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