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Custom WordPress Theme

A Custom WordPress Theme: What It Is and Why You Should Go With It

Learn what is a custom WordPress theme, why you should go with it and how much does it cost.

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WordPress Theme Development

8 Killer Reasons to Outsource Your WordPress Theme Development

Eight reasons stating the perks of outsourcing WordPress theme development to a reputable agency.

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Inherit WordPress Site

5 Crucial Steps to Follow When Inheriting an Existing WordPress Site

Consider these 5 points when Inheriting a WordPress site built by someone.

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WordPress Trends 2017

7 WordPress Trends You Must Embrace By the End of 2017

Let's look at what new exciting things WordPress has brought for both developers and users.

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Create a Custom Shape and Custom Brush in Photoshop CS6 in 20 Minutes

If you are familier with Photoshop working tools, you would be aware of the default custom shapes and custom brushes that comes with...

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15 Brilliant Tools That Can Power Up Graphic Design Skills

Getting into the world of graphic designs can challenge your skills and creativity. While most successful graphic artists are already endowed with a...

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