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The time of static or simple HTML websites is almost over, and it’s the time of Content Management Systems. That’s because it’s easy to update websites made using CMS like WordPress. However, if you would also like to switch to the newer technology, and get your website powered by the world’s most powerful CMS i.e., WordPress, then WordPressIntegration can be of your help.

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What exactly we do with your HTML/CSS files ?
A Comprehensive Wordpress Conversion Process

Ordering with us is a matter of few clicks and we take all the burden off your shoulders. We would like you to have a quick insider of the rigorous process your design files pass through before becoming a fully functional live website.

  • Analysis of client HTML and CSS

    On receiving a client’s HTML and CSS files, the first step that is performed by our WordPress department is the analysis of client’s requirement followed by deep analysis of HTML code and design. Based on client’s requirement our developers decide which functionality can be achieved through WordPress itself, and which requires additional plugins. They also decide what types of plugins are required, prebuilt or custom, and what additional JavaScript is required.

  • Conversion of HTML CSS into WordPress specific PHP

    After the analysis of HTML files, our coding and development team get down to convert HTML code into WordPress specific PHP code and arranged in index.php. This is the step in which major functionalities are coded into the design. This PHP coding is styled through style.css which is coded as per customer’s requirements and according to WordPress syntax and standards. This is also the step in which major JavaScript coding is done to get the desired results. Over all this is the second most important step of the whole conversion process.

  • Breaking into WordPress files

    The best part of WordPress is that is that it is highly flexible and readable. This is mainly because the WordPress files are arranged in a universally standard pattern and developers can understand the code of a specific part through a specific file. Therefore going by the same spirit, our developers break the index.php into multiple files like functions.php, header.php, comment.php, footer.php etc. This breaking also allows prebuilt plugins and widgets to work seamlessly with the WordPress theme.

  • Rigorous testing

    After all the coding is done and all the necessary files are placed in their respective folders, the theme is handed to our experienced team of testers and quality analysts. This is the lengthiest process of conversion as our quality standards are very high and every converted theme goes through a series of exhaustive tests.  After rigorous testing and checking of the theme from every possible angle, the widget ready functional theme is handed back to the client. We provide free customer support and fully help the client in installation of the theme on their site.

  • Adding necessary plugins

    The next step in the HTML to WordPress conversion process is to install the necessary third party plugins, widgets and extension, and if necessary add custom plugins to the website.

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  • We've used WordPressIntegration on more than 20 projects and they continue to impress us. We are very pleased with the quality of work, timelines, and customer service.

    -Eric Hazen, USACoverage

  • WordPressIntegration has been the best PSD to WordPress conversion service we've worked with. They always see projects through to the end.

    -Gibens Creative Group, Tupelo, Mississippi

  • They work quickly, efficiently, and accurately. They are easy to work with and always aim to please. I highly appreciate their attention to detail and frequent progress reporting.”

    -Darren Homontowski, Spark of Grace Innovations, Maryland, USA

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